Celebrate The Lasting Legacy Of Benjamin Wright

If you haven't heard of Benjamin Wright, you've most certainly heard his prodigious gift for string and brass arrangements on songs by the likes of Michael Jackson, OutKast, Aretha Franklin, Justin Timberlake and Quincy Jones amongst others. 

The Benjamin Wright Orchestra and Friends Gala brings to light Wright's unsung brilliance for a special one-night-only performance of his rich and wide-ranging catalog of hits, conducted by the man himself! 

Born and raised in Mississippi, Wright cultivated an early affinity for music in high school, performing in a doo-wop group with his friends and as a drum major in the local marching band.  Having established himself as part of the heart and soul of Chicago's soul and funk scene, he moved to LA in the 70s to pursue production writing and fell in with Motown greats: The Temptations, Gladys Knight and Barry White, solidifying his status as an expert arranger from that point on. 

Featuring a host of special guest performers, the Benjamin Wright Orchestra & Friends Gala explores Maestro Wright's history, influences, and work from his beginnings to the present day.